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Calming Canine Candle

Calming Canine Candle

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The first in candles specifically for your canine

[Lavender - Vanilla - Sage]

The natural oils used in APRIL + HOLLY’s Canine Candles ™ line is suggested to reduce anxiety and calm your canine. These scents are pleasing to dogs and their humans, too!

So, what scents are calming to dogs?
Lavender. While #lavender essential oil has long been used by aromatherapists to reduce stress, breathing lavender can also help de-stress and calm your canine, while doing so safely. Lavender is one of the gentlest pet-safe essential oils, and it can quiet a nervous dog, help them sleep better, and even help them cheer up.

Vanilla. In today’s market, #vanilla is one of the safest essential oils available. The scent of vanilla has nurturing and comforting qualities for a dog, with the ability to reduce stress and calm your canine. Breathing the scent of vanilla benefits dogs who experience nervous tension or irritability, keeping them calm and less aggressive.

Sage. The scent of sage is recognized by the #ASPCA as being non-toxic to dogs. Commonly used for stress relief and helping depression, #sage in a room has long created a calm atmosphere, and this remains true even for dogs.

While the scent of lavender is suggested to help with anxiety and depression, vanilla has the ability to reduce stress and calm your canine, and sage attributes to a calming atmosphere, as well. For these reasons, APRIL + HOLLY’s Calming Canine candle is made up of lavender, vanilla, and sage.


Our jars are elegant but unpretentious, with a rounded base for a streamlined silhouette. These jars can be reused to encourage environmental sustainability.

Care information

Keep the wick cut at a 1/4 inch specific height to ensure an optimal burning. It is suggested to trim the wick every 4 hours of burn time. When wick trimming, you should always extinguish the flame, let the candle come to room temperature, and trim the wick before relighting.

Our Give Back Promise

When you purchase one of our high-quality and all-natural candles, you will be sharing your light with others. Through our Give Back promise we donate 5% of our proceeds to nonprofit organizations with proven records of effective and meaningful work. 

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Chill Your Paws.

The natural oils used in our Canine Candles™ line is proven to reduce anxiety and calm your canine using scents that are pleasing to dogs & their humans.

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